Gunman Lassoed at Georgia Rodeo

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (May 26, 2014) — Bartow County, Northwest of Atlanta, held their annual Memorial Day rodeo on May 26 in Cassville.

But it seems not everyone was invited. A disgruntled Austell man opened fire into a crowd, wounding three people before being lassoed by a cowboy and beaten up by the crowd.

According to deputies, Celstino Moras, 25, was drunk and not one of the invited guests. When other guests asked him to leave, Moras allegedly stood up, pulled out a pistol, and started shooting.

The 300 guests understandably took off running.

Except for one brave cowboy. When Moras ran out of bullets, one of the rodeo cowpokes lassoed him. Other guest joined in; they beat him then tied him up until authorities arrived.

Moras was treated for his beat up face. Luckily, the wounded guests suffered only minor injuries. They were treated and released from the local hospital.

He was charged with aggravated assault. A guest at the function said a K9 unit was called out to search for another man thought to have been involved in the shooting, local news reports said.Celestino Morales

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