Idaho Suspect Jumps into Golf-Course Pond to Avoid Arrest

ADA COUNTY, Idaho (July 23, 2014 arrest) —
Nathan McCoy photoAn Idaho man really tried the patience of police last week after jumping into a golfcourse pond to avoid arrest.
It took them 30 minutes, but Ada County deputies eventually fished out 21-year-old Nathan McCoy and arrested him.
The incident, on July 23, began when McCoy told deputies that a woman had violated a no-contact order against him. But officers found out that wasn’t the case and the liar — who was on probation in a stalking case — bolted from cops in a mad dash to avoid another jail cell.
Police say the suspect raced through several yards of local homes before making it to a golf course. And that’s where McCoy jumped into the golf course pondright off the 5th hole.
Sheriff’s deputies convinced McCoy after 30 minutes to surrender, especially since at least one golf ball had flown by his head.
The man was taken to the Ada County Detention Center on charges of probation violation, filing a false police report and resisting arrest. At the jail, McCoy was fortunate enough to be given a dry set of clothes and a hot meal.

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