Idaho Woman Tries to Use Stun Gun on Officers

Danielle Davis mugshot

Danielle Davis mugshot

An Idaho woman pulled a stun gun on officers responding to a domestic argument.

Meridian police were responding to a child endangerment and custodial abduction in February 2016 at a local Walgreen’s store. Authorities say 25-year-old Danielle Davis was meeting with her child and the child’s father, who has sole custody.

The mother started dragging her 4-year-old daughter away. Davis allegedly pulled out a stun gun when officers arrived, so they backed off and Davis left.

The woman’s relatives begged Davis to bring the girl back, but she didn’t. Authorities finally located her at a nearby Walmart, where she again threatened approaching officers with the stun gun. They eventually got her in custody without injury.

A police spokesperson says the woman may have been under the influence of drugs.


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