Illinois Woman Maces People in Another Car for Driving Slow

Carrie Kilman mugshot

Carrie Kilman mugshot

An Illinois woman riding in a friend’s car sprayed mace into the faces of another car’s occupants for driving too low, authorities say.

Carrie Kilman, 28, of Belvidere, was charged with aggravated battery and obstruction of identification in the bizarre incident on Labor Day 2015.

Kilman was in a car that was stopped for speeding through a red light on Sept. 7, 2015. During the traffic stop, another vehicle pulled up and told the officer that they had been the victim of road rage.

According the people in the second vehicle, the driver of Kilman’s vehicle was upset because they did not move quickly enough after the red light turned green. So Kilman got out of the car, opened the passenger door to the second vehicle, and sprayed the occupants with pepper spray.

Kilman retreated, though, when one of the occupants of the second vehicle is got out with a baseball bat.

The driver of Kilman’s vehicle identified himself as her boyfriend. Kilman was charged with obstructing identification after trying to use her step-sister’s name.

The boyfriend was cited for failing to use child restraint for a child that was also in the car.



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