Indiana Porch Thief Caught After Staring Into Security Camera

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 30, 2014 arrest) —Daniel Nelms photo
If Daniel Nelms had just grabbed the FedEx package and run off the porch, he might have got away with it.
But the Indianapolis thief looked up at the security camera and just stared. And then he shook the package, opened it and looked at the earring box inside, all while the camera rolled.
Police say they caught the 21-year-old man with that awesome video and put a halt to his rash of thefts.
In the FedEx theft, the homeowner told authorities he ordered $300 diamond earrings from for his wife but never received the jewelry. FedEx said they delivered the package, so the resident checked his surveillance video footage.
The clear video shows the FedEx guy dropping off the package without the required signature, and the suspect grabbing it two minutes later. Nelms is seen looking directly into the high-quality camera just before snatching the package.
The homeowner posted the surveillance video on his Facebook page, and the image went viral, shared over 3,000 times. But it was a local police officer who recognized the criminal because of his history of burglaries, thefts and other criminal activities.
In fact, Nelms had two outstanding warrants for theft before he added the FedEx felony to his rap sheet in Indiana.

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