Indiana Science Teacher Jailed After Class Experiment Burns Student

INDIANAPOLIS , Ind. (June 23, 2014 arrest) Asia MosesWho said all science teachers were bright?
A former teacher in Indiana was formally charged with neglect and reckless conduct last week following a classroom experiment that burned a 14-year-old student in her class.
Asia Moses, 23, surrendered to face charges that she acted recklessly during an April 9th experiment at Tindley Accelerated School in Indianapolis.
Authorities say the student told her teacher about a YouTube video of a science experiment where a person pours rubbing alcohol on their hand and lights it. The video shows the flame burning out quickly without injury.
Moses allegedly suggested the student repeat the experiment. The girl said she declined but agreed after classmates egged her on. The teacher then poured the ethyl alcohol on the student’s hand and lit it with a grill lighter. The teen said after a few seconds, her hand began to hurt, and she flapped it up and down to put the flames out.
The girl told police that Moses helped her put the fire out, ran water on her hand and asked if she needed to see the nurse. The student declined and Moses then continued teaching.
The incident was not reported for a month, and video footage obtained by school officials shows none of the students with safety goggles. Classmates say Moses told them not to say anything. Moses was suspended on May 4 and terminated on May 6. She was arrested June 23.

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