Lady Purse Snatcher Paints Face with Camouflage Colors in Wisconsin

Deja Montgomery mugshot

Deja Montgomery mugshot

A Wisconsin woman painted her face in camouflage in a bizarre effort to disguise herself as she snatched purses from old women, authorities said.

Deja Montgomery, 19, of Madison, was arrested after grabbing the purse of a 73-year-old woman coming out of a CVS pharmacy.

The teen was tentatively charged with two counts of theft. She is also suspected of stealing the purse of a 75-year-old woman earlier in the week in the same parking lot.

In the last incident, police say the camouflage-painted woman took off running after snatching the victim’s purse. The elderly woman’s husband and a 57-year-old man started chasing her. The husband wasn’t able to keep up, but the other man kept pace at a safe distance as the thief ran across a soccer field.

The witness helped police locate the teen, and cornered her. She eventually confessed, and the last victim got her purse back with all the belongings.

Jailers let the woman clean off her face before her mugshot.

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