Las Vegas Burglar Takes Mugshot Despite Gunshot

Alexander Gonzalez mugshot

Alexander Gonzalez mugshot

A Las Vegas burglar was forced to take a humiliating mugshot after he was shot during a home invasion.

Alexander Gonzalez, 40, was tied to a string of burglaries on Feb. 12, 2016, authorities said. After failing to get inside several homes, he climbed through a doggie door of his final destination, waking the homeowners as he squeezed inside.

A woman in the home spotted the suspect with a large knife and her husband subsequently shot Gonzalez twice when he found him in the kitchen, authorities say. The armed resident told cops that Gonzalez made a move toward him before he fired.

After he was treated at a local hospital, officers propped Gonzalez up for a gruesome mugshot that has gone viral.

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