Louisiana Man Poses as College Professor & Tries to Teach


Tyrone Teasley mugshot

Tyrone Teasley mugshot

Louisiana man posed as a college professor and tried to teach a class at Louisiana College, authorities say.

Tyrone Teasley, 48, entered a classroom on the campus of the private Baptist school in Pineville and acted like he was the professor 10 minutes before class began, according to campus officials.

Teasley was wearing a red flannel shirt, non-matching pajama pants and orange sandals. Students thought it was a joke until the man started yelling and cursing at a student who answered one of his questions.

A male student left the room and called campus police who apprehended the man and turned him over to Pineville police. When officers got there, the suspect was trying to teach. Students said when they tried to leave, Teasley told them to remain in their seats.

Teasley was charged with criminal trespassing and disturbing the peace. The suspect was not a student or professor.

Oddly enough, he is a former basketball star at a nearby high school who played at Huron State College. He once taught middle school and has a 2009 arrest resulting from a domestic disturbance and hostage incident at his home.

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