Maine Woman Continues Stabbing Husband on Way to Hospital

Tracy Fleischer mugshot

Tracy Fleischer mugshot

An angry wife in Maine continued to stab her husband even as she drove him to the hospital for the first assault, authorities said.

Tracy Fleischer, 34, of Augusta, Maine, was mad with her husband Monday (March 7, 2016) over something she saw on his Instagram account, so she cut him with a kitchen knife, police said.

“(She) called for help, admitted she stabbed him and while on the way to the hospital stabbed him again,” said Francis Griffin, an assistant district attorney.

The injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. Fleischer was charged with elevated aggravated assault with a lesser charge of aggravated assault.

One of the couple’s daughters told police that her father often hid the kitchen knives because of past violence by his wife, but Fleischer apparently bought a new one while her husband was at work.

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