Massachusetts Shoplifter Flings Feces & Tries to Choke Himself

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (February 21, 2014) —

David Blanchard

David Blanchard

A Framingham, Mass., man was arrested on Feb. 21 for shoplifting, but that routine case quickly turned into much more as authorities said the suspect fought with police, slung feces through the bars, and even ate a ball of his own waste.

Police responded to their local Kohl’s store on reports of a shoplifter swiping a pair of Adidas sneakers. They took 21-year-old David Blanchard into the station and when his one phone call was cut off because he failed to tell the other person that the call was being recorded, Blanchard allegedly pushed the sergeant into the wall then assaulted another officer.

Safely in his cell, Blanchard continued his erratic behavior by repeatedly trying to choke himself with his T-shirt. At one point he wedged it into a corner and tried to hang himself. When officers came in to stop him, Blanchard adopted a fighting stance; they reportedly tased him twice.

He then switched tactics and started throwing his own feces around. Finally, to prove he was crazy perhaps, reports said that Blanchard popped a poop ball in his mouth and ate it.

He was taken to the mental hospital for an evaluation but was released to face charges of shoplifting, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, and two counts of wanton destruction of property.

Blanchard already has four open cases from last year where he is facing numerous assault charges including assault and battery with a rock and assault and battery on a disabled person.

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