Mississippi Constable Arrested, Poses for Crazed Mugshot


Christopher Plumlee mugshot

Christopher Plumlee mugshot

A Mississippi officer was arrested and posed for a crazy mugshot!

DeSoto County Constable Christopher Plumlee was charged with DUI after he was stopped for speeding on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015.

While being booked and photographed, Plumlee posed with a wide-mouthed, wide-eyed smile for his mugshot.

Plumlee is one of five elected constables in DeSoto County, who are responsible for serving court orders but can also make arrests.

Some residents objected to his smiling mugshot.

“We are all humans, and I understand elected officials make mistakes also, but I think they should be held to a higher expectation than us,” a DeSoto County resident told a TV reporter.

Plumlee was released on bond with a court date in November, 2015.


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