Montana Woman Slashes Husband’s Face for Peeing on the Floor

BILLINGS, Mont. (JuShery Downsne 23, 2014 arrest) A Montana woman had her limits.
Shery Lynn Downs was getting angrier and angrier with her husband last week. And when he urinated on the bathroom floor, she lost it.
According to authorities, the 52-year-old Billings woman reacted by slashing her husband’s face. She’s been charged with felony assault.
Officers were called to the home and found the woman’s 68-year-old husband on the front steps with a blood-soaked towel to his face. He said his wife had cut his throat and pointed officers to their bedroom, where Mrs. Downs was located.
The investigators found her drunk and defensive. First, she said her husband hurt himself. Then she blamed her assault on her husband’s behavoir. She said he was causing problems all day by urinating on the floor and lying to the cable company to get free service.
After slashing him, Mrs. Downs said she gave her husband a bottle of whiskey and called 911. Authorities say the victim suffered a cut that was several inches long and required facial surgery.

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