Naked Man Makes an Alabama Tree His New Home

ARAB, AL (March 23, 2014) — Police in Arab, Ala., arrested a man late in March after being discovered up a tree without any clothes on.

Police say they first got wind of the strange goings-on when residents of the neighborhood called 911 early on March 23 to report a suspicious man doing suspicious things.
Michael Howard Long Officers arrived to find Michael Howard Long, 40, high up a pine tree stark naked.

He refused to come down, so the fire department bucket truck was called in. After an hour of negotiations, Long finally climbed in and was brought down.

“Basically, all he would tell the officers was he was cleaning the tree up and was going to make it his home,” Assistant Police Chief Shane Washburn told a local news station.

They think drugs are to blame for Long’s strange behavior. He was charged with disorderly conduct and public lewdness.

At a hearing last week, the disorderly conduct charge was dismissed.

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