Nebraska Woman Spikes Tea with Carpet Cleaner

Amanda Nelson mugshot

Amanda Nelson mugshot

A lot of women don’t get along with their partner’s mother.

But a Nebraska woman’s plan to harm her boyfriend’s mother was not well-planned, according to police.

Amanda Nelson is accused of trying to poison her boyfriend’s mother by spiking her tea with carpet cleaner! The 25-year-old woman, from Beatrice, Nebraska, was apparently upset with the victim, who she resides with.

A day after the two had a heated argument, the victim drank some tea and her tongue went numb. She also recognized the smell as being similar to carpet cleaner.

The victim notified Beatrice police, who questioned Nelson and got a confession that she had put carpet cleaner in the drink, knowing her boyfriend’s mother would drink it. According to court records, Nelson hoped the victim would die.

But poison control told officers the carpet cleaner would lead to irritation and illness, but not death. The victim was told to drink milk and water to dull the effects.

Nelson was arrested on Thursday, June 11, 2015 and charged with assault.


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