Nervous Florida Dad-To-Be Packs E-Cig With Pot

JUPITER, FLA. (February 4, 2014) –David Bastin was evidently feeling a little nervous earlier this month as his pregnant girlfriend was getting ready to deliver their baby. But he made the mistake of trying to relax by smoking a little marijuana in the delivery room.

Bastin, 28, of Jupiter, Florida, was at the Martin Memorial Medical Center on Feb. 4 with his in-labor girlfriend when a nurse smelled a “strong odor of cannabis coming from the room,” reports said.

The cops were called and, according to the arrest report from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Bastin handed over a black oblong device. It was a vaporizer, one of those new e-cigarettes that’s sweeping the country.

However, instead of containing a nicotine juice, the device was stuffed with raw cannabis.

Bastin was handcuffed and taken to Martin County jail where he allegedly refused to answer any questions and became belligerent, the report said.

Bastin was charged with marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

David Bastin

David Bastin

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