New Mexico College Kid Passes Out in Stranger’s House

Garrett Curran mugshot

Garrett Curran mugshot

Talk about drunk!

A college student was so wasted last month that he wandered into the wrong house in New Mexico. Then he passed out in front of the bed occupied by a sleeping 7-year-old girl, according to Sante Fe officials..

Garrett Curran, 22, was still unconscious when the girl woke up March 26, 2016 and saw him. She went and got her father.

Authorities say the father confronted the man, who tried to fight but was unable to leave when the father held him down until police arrived.

Curran was charged with breaking and entering, criminal trespass and child abuse for fighting in front of the girl. The suspect is a student at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute student and was in Texas to work on a school project.

Police say Curran had been drinking with other students at another house before deciding to head back home. He reportedly turned left one block too soon, thought he was back home and walked right in the front door.

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