New York Woman Gets DUI After Applying for Driver Job

Terri Murphy mugshot

Terri Murphy mugshot

We don’t call them dumb crooks for nothing. Terri Murphy is our latest example after police say she applied for a “Meals on Wheels” job while drunk.

The New York woman didn’t help her case  when she got arrested for DUI moments after applying for the job in December, 2014, according to Fort Edward authorities.
According to police, the 50-year-old woman went to the county Social Services department to apply to be a delivery driver. But the staff got a feeling Murphy was intoxicated and called the sheriff’s department.
A deputy arrived and determined the woman definitely appeared to be drunk. She promised the cop she would walk and left, but the deputy saw her 15 minutes later return to the municipal center parking lot and drive away.
Murphy was then charged with felony aggravated DUI, officials said. Her BAC was .23, close to three times the legal threshold.

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