‘Officer, That’s Not Litter. It’s Just My Weed!’

Richard Lynn RoebuckFORT WALTON BEACH, FL (Early April 2014) — A Fort Walton Beach man was arrested early in April after trying to squirm out of a littering charge by revealing the litter was pot.

Richard Lynn Roebuck, 32, found himself confronted by an Okaloosa County deputy early in April after the officer allegedly saw him drop a plastic bag on the side of the road.
Roebuck denied dropping the bag at first, but when pressed, reports say he tried to avoid a little ticket by admitting the bag contained marijuana!
Deputies searched the area and reportedly found a plastic bag containing weed about two feet away.
They also found a cigarette wrapper containing white powder and another bag with the same curious white substance inside.
A search of Roebuck turned up yet another bag of white stuff.
The “white stuff” later tested positive for cocaine.
Roebuck was charged with possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana.

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