Ohio Man Bank Robber Found Hiding in Trunk of Getaway Car

LIston Watson mugshot

LIston Watson mugshot

An Ohio man who wore a Gladiator mask during a bank robbery was caught hiding in the trunk of the getaway car.

Not smart.

Liston N. Watson, 33, was wanted for a bank robbery in Deerfield Township. He was found Oct. 16, 2015 in the trunk of the car he allegedly fled from the bank robbery in, authorities said.

Investigators found a vehicle matching a witness description and were searching it for evidence outside a Lexus dealership when the suspect was found in the trunk.

The arrest came only hours after Watson allegedly robbed the bank wearing a “gladiator-style” Halloween mask. In the getaway car, cops found a loaded gun, a bunch of cash, the mask and a backpack he used during the robbery.

Watson is charged with aggravated robbery. He is also wanted by the FBI for connection to other robberies.


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