Ohio Woman Keeps Stealing Tip Jars in Restaurants

Stephanie Eshack mugshot

Stephanie Eshack mugshot

Ohio authorities are looking for a repeat offender who likes to steal tip jars from local businesses.

Westlake police say that 29-year-old Stephanie Eshack was caught on camera grabbing tip jars from the counters at a Starbucks and a Jersey Mike’s during the month of March 2016.

Now, police are asking for tips on her whereabouts – pun intended.

The repeat offender is facing two misdemeanor warrants for petty theft. But she’s familiar with the crime since she pleaded no contest to a petty theft charge earlier in 2016.

Westlake police are giving local businesses a big tip: look out for Eshack. She likes to wait inside the store, never make a purchase and grab the tip jar when all the staff appear occupied. She then disappears outside, possibly to a waiting vehicle.


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