Oklahoma Pothead Wears Criminally-Bad T-Shirt in Mug

Vaughn Tucker mugshot

Vaughn Tucker mugshot

The mugshot of an Oklahoma pothead has gone viral.

Vaughn Tucker, 23, of Tulsa, was charged with marijuana possession and other crimes in early February (Feb. 6, 2016) and appeared in a red baseball T-shirt that says, “I would cuddle you so hard.”

The bearded bro spent several hours in lockup at the Tulsa County Jail, where inmates had to get a chuckle at the T-shirt’s corniness.

His official charges: marijuana possession, intent to distribute, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia.

His funny mugshot made news across the web.

“Man arrested wearing regrettable T-shirt,” said one headline.

Another said, “This Man Wore the Worst T-Shirt Ever to Jail.”

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