Oklahoma Woman’s Mugshot Goes Viral Over Facial Expression

Ashley Stabler mugshot

Ashley Stabler mugshot

The shocking mugshot of an Oklahoma woman is gaining national and international attention.

Tulsa jail records show that 23-year-old Ashley Stabler was arrested on February 23, 2015 for driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance and improper license plate display.

But her jaw-dropping mugshot has gone viral, being picked up by news outlets and other websites across the country and the world.

According to The Smoking Gun, court records show Stabler was also arrested in 2011 for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, but that the case was later dismissed. Two years later, she pleaded no contest to a larceny charge and also has a pending case involving driving while suspended.

Her most recent mugshot is kind of funny. It’s not clear what she was reacting to, but Tulsa police didn’t feel the need to take another booking photo.

National media outlets had fun with the story, with one news outlet using the headline: “Driver Is Apparently Shocked Over Arrest.”

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