Oregon Man Arrested for ‘Karate-Kicking’ Police Horse

PORTLAND, Ore. (July 9, 2014 arrest)
It’s hard to hurt a horse. But an Oregon man gave it a good try July 9, using a karate-kick on the police horse in Portland.
The horse seemed unfazed by the dumb Joseph Cruzassault, which is no surprise since “Olin” had the man outweighed by about 1,000 pounds.
Witnesses say the man, identified as 29-year-old Joseph Cruz, yelled a “karate-like battle cry” before delivering “a jumping, double kick” to the horse’s right thigh.
Olin and his human partner took Joseph Cruz into custody on a charge of interfering with a law enforcement animal. The man was also wanted on an unrelated arrest warrant.
Police say the horse harassment occurred as mounted officers patrolled Portland’s Old Town near a bus depot. The patrol had stopped to speak to a group of people.

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