Oregon Meth-Head Uses ‘Black Friday’ Crowd to Shoplift

Jacqueline Day Underwood mugshot

Jacqueline Day Underwood mugshot

An Oregon shoplifter tried to roll out a cartful of stolen merchandise by hiding in a crowd of Black Friday shoppers in November 2014 in Oregon.

It didn’t work.
In a moment of non-surprise, 35-year-old Jacqueline Underwood was found in possession of methamphetamine after her stunt at a Fred Meyer store in Corvallis, Ore., authorities said.
She had loaded a cart with TVs, Blu-ray players, PS3 games and clothes and then walked out of the store, which was full of Black Friday shoppers. Police say the items were worth over $1,500.
The woman was contacted by police for questioning and was found with meth.  She was booked into the Benton County Jail on charges of first-degree theft and possession of methamphetamine.

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