Pennsylvania Burglar Wakes Victim to Ask for Shirt

Alexander Cinkaj mugshot

Alexander Cinkaj mugshot

A drunk burglar in Pennyslvania needed one more thing before he left the apartment, so he woke up the resident to ask to borrow a shirt.

Alexander Cinkaj, 21 of Langhorne, was arrested when the resident realized the man was ripping him off and called police.
Police responded to a burglary on Thursday, February 19, 2015, and found an intoxicated burglar who had broken into a State College apartment. Police say he had pocketed some personal effects,and then woke the apartment’s resident up to ask to borrow a shirt.
The victim told police he had been sleeping when Cinkaj woke him up and asked for a shirt he could wear on his way home. The victim gave Cinkaj a shirt, but noticed he was carrying several stolen items in his pockets: a roll of duct tape, a bottle of vodka and a can of Coors Light.
The victim took the items back and escorted Cinkaj into the hallway, where he noticed a pile of weights, a backpack and several more bottles of alcohol that also belonged to him. The victim returned inside and called the cops.
Cinkaj faces felony burglary charges, misdemeanor theft charges and a summary public drunkenness charge. He is listed in the Penn State directory, but the listing does not specify if he is a current student.

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