Pennsylvania First Grader Brings Grandma’s Heroin to School

PENNSYLVANIA (Mid May 2014) — Pauline Bilinski-MunionHow’s this for a Mother’s Day surprise? A Pennsylvania grandmother was arrested last week after her seven-year-old grandson allegedly brought her heroin to school.

Pauline Bilinski-Munion, 56, reportedly told police that she “lost track” of the drugs when she was babysitting her two grandkids at her house.

Authorities said that Cain Elementary first got wind of the drugs when a teacher overheard the grandson telling another student that he had drugs. He claimed at first that he found it outside, but later said he brought it from home and had been passing it out to his fellow students.

The drug packet had the words “Victoria Secret” imprinted on it.

At least one other child took some of the offered heroin. His mother found a little baggie of the drug when the boy got home from school.

When the DA learned of the incident, they executed a search warrant on Bilinski-Munion’s home and allegedly found heroin bags and an empty bag in a pair of children’s shorts.

She told investigators that she is an active heroin user and found the bag outside her home. She decided to keep it “in case of emergency,” reports said.

Bilinski-Munion was charged with child endangerment and drug charges.

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