Pennsylvania Man Fights Brother Over Bic Macs


 Thomas Veres mugshot

Thomas Veres mugshot

A Pennsylvania man went on a “Mac Attack” after his brother would not share the delicious side of beef.

Thomas Veres, 47, was arrested Wednesday morning August 12, 2015 after allegedly punching his older brother for scarfing down three Bic Macs and not hooking up his sibling.

Veres’ brother returned just after midnight after hitchhiking about 20 miles to the nearest McDonalds. Evidently he was in no mood to share.

According to Union Township Police, Veres was so mad at being denied that he ransacked the home he shares with his Bro, knocking over furniture and throwing food.

He then turned his hunger-fueled rampage on his older brother, punching him several times in the face.

His brother suffered injuries to his right eye and left cheek and collected a cut ear for being greedy.

Veres was charged with simple assault and harassment.


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