Police Chase Cocaine-Filled Indiana Woman Who Had Kidnapped Daughter

SYRACUSE, IN (April 13, 2014) — Aubrey CoyAubrey Coy, 34, of Syracuse, IN, allegedly abducted her 5-year-old daughter on April 13 and led cops on a car and foot chase while holding her child.

Kosciusko County investigators said that Coy was at her mother’s house on a supervised visit. When her mom went to the bathroom, she grabbed her toddler and took off.

Authorities used the GPS on her phone to track her to St. Joseph, Michigan, which is about 60 miles away.

When she was pulled over, she allegedly told an officer, “You are not taking my child,” then sped off with her daughter in her lap. She was seen giving the cops the middle finger out the window as she reached speeds of 75 miles per hour.

Deputies in a nearby town put down stop sticks, but Coy kept on moving until one of her tires came completely off the rim. So she started running with the girl and was finally tackled.

She told the judge later that she felt like she was “dreaming or something” and had “no idea how she got there,” said reports.

Coy was charged with fleeing and eluding, possession of narcotics, resisting, and child endangerment.

Her daughter was uninjured.

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