Pretend Big Spender in South Carolina Whips Out a Trillion Dollar Bill

Michael WilliamsMichael Williams really knows how to treat the ladies. Nice lunch at a Sumter Applebee’s followed by a dramatic offer to pay.

Problems first arose when his debit card was declined. So Williams, no doubt with a flourish, pulled a TRILLION DOLLAR bill out of his wallet to settle the $24 food bill.

SUMTER, SC (Feb. 14, 2014) — That is almost the combined wealth of half the American population!

The wait staff was understandably suspicious of Williams’ funny money and called in the cops.

Strangely enough, Williams, 53, wasn’t arrested for the attempt to pass of the bogus counterfeit bill. Instead he was slapped with an unrelated contempt of magistrate’s court charge.

He was, however, charged later with petty larceny and sentenced to time already served. Williams was also ordered to pay $260 in court fees.

Maybe he tried to pay that with his small change- like a million dollar bill.

By the way, since 1969, the largest bill in circulation is good ole Benjamin- $100.

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