San Diego Woman Steals Police Car & Leads Cops on Chase

SAN DIEGO (Aug. 15, 2014 arrest) — A San Diego woman took advantage of a police officer’s mistake and stole his police SUV.
FloresFelicitas Flores, 22, was caught on video stealing the vehicle on Aug. 15.
The video shows what happened: Flores first spots the police vehicle parked in the East Village neighborhood and walks over to look inside. She opens the door and places her belongings inside the front seat. She walks to the rear and an officer emerges from a police command vehicle nearby and the two have a lengthy exchange.
Flores leaves the area and comes back in a new outfit before hopping back in the SUV and driving away toward the interstate, leading to a high-speed chase with a ton of cops that ended in Flores on the ground in handcuffs.
An ABC TV station tracked down the suspect’s mom who actually saw the chase but didn’t realize it was her daughter at the front of the pack. The mother told a reporter that her daughter refused to take her medication for paranoid schizophrenia and instead got hooked on other drugs.
As for the San Diego police, they refused to tell the media whether the officer left the SUV unlocked with the keys inside. They simply said the case was “under investigation.”

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