Seattle Man Makes Bomb Threats to Avoid Work

James BeaSEATTLE, WA (May 12, 2014) — So you think your job stinks? Just be glad you are not an employee of the Seattle branch of Jack Henry and Associates.

One of their employees, 21-year-old new hire James Allen Bea, is facing felony charges after terrorizing his co-workers for weeks making bomb threats and sending hate-filled email and text messages.

Prosecutors allege that Bea sent dozens of bomb threats (several to himself to throw the investigators off) and even sent photos of his deceased brother splayed out in a coffin.

And it appears the whole elaborate ruse was designed to avoid going to work. He got several days off by sending threatening messages to himself and calling himself “N***** James,” reports said.

He sent another to himself on April 15 that read, “So there it is, my warning to you: DON’T SET ONE FOOT ON JACK HENRY PROPERTY TOMORROW.” That happened to be a day Bea took off from work, investigators said.

He tried to make it look even better by responding to himself that “You are not going to stop me from working and performing. F*** off.”

Bea was busted on May 12 after authorities crashed his home. Authorities said they found thousands of dollars in purchases using credit cards he swiped from fellow employees.

As of now, he is facing two counts of making threats to bomb or injure property. More charges are likely to follow.

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