Serial Burglar Caught by Baby Monitor in Florida

Mark Lodigensky mugshot

Mark Lodigensky mugshot

A serial burglar who impressed police with his techniques in the 1980s was caught again by a simple baby monitor.

Mark Lodigensky was caught for a burglary in Sunny Isles after the homeowner set up a baby monitor as a security system while she was away from home. The woman said her house had been hit before, so she turned her baby camera on the front door.

She called police on April 19, 2016 when the monitor sent photos to her cell phone of two men coming into her condo. The baby was with her at the time.

The older burglar was gone when cops answered her call but not the younger burglar: 20-year-old Mike Mendoza. Police put out a flyer with the serial burglar’s face and other Florida authorities helped catch the career criminal.

Lodigensky has a burglary career that spans 40+ years with convictions on 23 felony charges. The Miami Herald covered the man’s headline-making career in a 1986 story that told how he took Fort Lauderdale police on a driving tour of 50 homes he had targeted. He spent many stints in prison over his life.


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