Serial Flasher Takes His Act to Dentist Office in N.C.

Dea Williams mugshot

Dea Williams mugshot

A North Carolina man with a long record of flashing his privates in unique places was charged Wednesday, March 25, 2015 with targeting a female dentist with his nudity.

Registered sex offender Dea Williams allegedly exposed himself last week inside a dentist office in Gastonia, N.C., authorities said.

He was being seen by a female dentist in an examination room at “Friendly Dental” when he pulled down his pants and got naked, police said. The woman called her manager and he called 911.

One worker who saw the offender in the act told police that another employee confronted him, telling him, “We will have none of that here!.”

Why was this sex offender not in prison? Well, he was, but Williams was released in December after serving time for being a registered sex offender on the campus of a day care. He was on parole.

The staff searched online and learned about Williams’ history.  Including the incident here, he has faced 12 charges for indecent exposure in the last four years at government buildings, a church, and a rape crisis center.

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