Sex, Fights & Stabbing Land Tennessee Couple in Jail


Erin Lawson mugshot

Erin Lawson mugshot

Johnny Allen Richards mugshot

Johnny Allen Richards mugshot

A Tennessee man who called 911 to complain about noisy neighbors was allegedly assaulted by the couple after law enforcement left.

According to local media reports, Mark Galin called 911 twice earlier this month to complain about the commotion from next door.

Officers came both times to speak with Johnny Allen Richards, 33, and Erin Brooke Lawson, 32. Investigators determined that the couple were having loud sex the first call and were fighting for the second.

Soon after deputies with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office left, Galin said Lawson “hit him with a rake and broke the handle” then stabbed him in the arm with the jagged piece, reports said.

Richards allegedly hit him with a “2×2 stick.”

Lawson and Richards were both charged with aggravated assault. And Lawson, who was intoxicated, faces a second felony assault charge for striking Richards, her boyfriend, with the same “2×2 stick.”

Cops say the gash on Lawson’s forehead is from a face-plant stumble after she was arrested.

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