Shoplifter Stuffs Cartload of Loot in Skinny Jeans

Gary Johnson mugshot

Gary Johnson mugshot

A Tennessee shoplifter gave himself away by trying to stuff $300 worth of hygiene products down a pair of skinny jeans, authorities said.

Gary Johnson, 27, was tackled inside the Memphis Kroger store in May 2016 when they saw him trying to smuggle out a cartload of stuff in his pants, according to police. His crime was obvious after he stuffed multiple packs or soap, bottles of shampoo and detergent into one set of tight pants.

And Johnson had come prepared. He lined both pant legs with a trash bag so he could drop in items as he walked around the grocery store, police said. But a security guard realized what he was doing and tackled him to the concrete floor. Customers stood around, laughing as police came and escorted him away while more items spilled from his pants.

Johnson was charged with theft and assault, the latter charge because he allegedly bit a security guard.

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