W.V. Woman Beats Son Over Wrong Burrito Order

A West Virginia mom took her lunch cravings so seriously that she beat her son when he got her Taco Bell order wrong. Loretta Armstrong, 48, of Milton, was charged with felony child abuse for allegedly hitting her son in the face. She started assaulting him after realizing he got the toppings wrong. Even worse, […]

Oregon Teacher Arrested for Sexting Student

An Oregon high school teacher was arrested after he gave a student an inappropriate homework assignment. Richard Fay asked for sexually-explicit pictures from a 17-year-old girl over the 2015/2016 school year at South Medford High School, police said. The student told police that she sent nude and clothed photos of herself to Fay at his request, […]

Delaware Music Teacher Sends Racy Sexts to 13-Year-old Student

A Delaware music teacher sent more than 11,000 sexual text messages to a 13-year-old student in one of her middle-school classes, authorities said. Nicole Veneroso got caught when the boy’s mother looked on the boy’s phone and saw the 32-year-old teacher in raunchy photos and videos sent to the boy. The mother turned them over […]

Missouri Woman Hits Police Horse Outside Trump Rally

  A Missouri woman was arrested for hitting a police horse during a Donald Trump protest. Authorities say the mounted patrol was helping with crowd control during the March 12, 2016 rally in Kansas City.  A large group of anti-Trump protesters were gathering and putting masks over their faces and locking arms. Next, the group backed into the […]

Virginia Day Care Teacher Convicted of Operating ‘Baby Fight Club’

A former Virginia teacher has been convicted of turning her classroom into a “baby fight club.” Sarah Jordan, 31, was found guilty of tripping the kids, stepping on their toes, spraying them with a hose and encouraging them to fight each other. Her school is located in Prince William County, Virginia. A staff member complained […]

Mississippi Nurse Steals Medication from Hospice Patient

Some crooks are not just dumb, they’re mean, too! A Mississippi nurse fits that description after allegedly stealing medication meant for a hospice patient who was dying. Licensed nurse Bobbie Adams, 30, of Ellisville, was arrested February 5, 2015 and charged with felonious abuse of a vulnerable adult. Adams was allegedly stealing from a hospice patient who […]

Florida Woman Dumps Mom from Wheelchair

TAVARES, Fla. (May 23, 2014) — Over five decades of building resentment spilled over last month when a woman celebrating her birthday dumped her elderly mother out of her wheelchair. Police in Tavares, Florida, say that Patricia Tavernier was celebrating her 52nd birthday on May 23rd at Ruby Street Grille. As she emerged with family […]