Arizona Shoplifter is Abandoned by Getaway Driver

An Arizona shoplifter with $2,000 of merchandise in his Walmart cart had nowhere to put his stolen loot after his getaway driver left him Tuesday (March 8, 2016). But Mesa police were waiting for him and happy to give him a ride. Terrance Crowley had gone to the store with two friends who waited for […]

Florida Woman Chases Boy with Knife for Talking to Daughter

A playground fight prompted this Florida woman to grab a knife and defend her daughter’s honor. Police in Boca Raton, Florida, arrested 27-year-old Shakella Quinn on July 22, 2015 on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and probation violation. The day before, July 21, Quinn and her daughter were at a local […]

Sex, Fights & Stabbing Land Tennessee Couple in Jail

  A Tennessee man who called 911 to complain about noisy neighbors was allegedly assaulted by the couple after law enforcement left. According to local media reports, Mark Galin called 911 twice earlier this month to complain about the commotion from next door. Officers came both times to speak with Johnny Allen Richards, 33, and […]

Virginia Man Bites Off Roommate’s Ear

A Virginia man chewed off part of his roommate’s ear in a violent fight in Newport News. Arthur Baker’s appetite for ears landed him in big trouble with the law, leading to charges of aggravated malicious wounding. According to authorities, the 58-year-old suspect was arguing with his roommate on June 8, 2015 when the fight turned […]

Georgia Shoplifter Caught Thanks to His Own 911 Call

A Georgia shoplifter was caught when he called 911 on two Walmart security officers who were trying to stop him. Alfonso Aguilar called 911 to report “thugs were trying to take him.” Those thugs were actually loss prevention officers trying to stop him from stealing on Jan. 25, police said. Aguilar called 911 after running […]

Florida Dad Rages At Driver After Mistaken Accident

A Florida man mistakenly thought another driver had rear-ended him, sending him into a rage that led him to pursue the man, crash into that man’s car and threaten his life with a gun. And the whole time, rage suspect Mark Edward Cook was driving with his 2-year-old daughter in the car. Authorities say Cook […]

New York Woman Gets DUI After Applying for Driver Job

We don’t call them dumb crooks for nothing. Terri Murphy is our latest example after police say she applied for a “Meals on Wheels” job while drunk. The New York woman didn’t help her case  when she got arrested for DUI moments after applying for the job in December, 2014, according to Fort Edward authorities. According […]

Texas Woman Tries to Set Ex-Husband on Fire

You can call her the “Wacko in Waco.” Angela Alexandor was arrested last Wednesday after trying to set her estranged husband on fire in Waco, Texas. According to police, the 33-year-old woman went to her husband’s home last Wednesday night (Dec. 3) and tried to light a Molotov cocktail. The husband heard Angela outside and […]

Ohio Man Responds to Own Mugshot on Facebook

When a crazy mugshot of an Ohio suspect turned up on a police department’s Facebook page, the man took the opportunity to defend himself. Willie Tatum III stuck out his tongue during his November 2014 booking session and Columbus Police posted it on their social media page. They told Facebook fans that Tatum had been arrested […]

Naked & High NJ Man Punches Cop, Steals Cruiser

LINDENWOLD, N.J. (June 3, 2014) A naked, high man in South Jersey was arrested June 3 after allegedly punching a cop and trying to steal his police car. According to Lindenwold Police, an officer was interviewing two suspicious individuals outside an apartment complex when a naked male ran up to him and punched him in […]