Wanna-Be Rapist Cries Like a Baby in Mugshot

Anthony J. Zingale mugshot

A Wisconsin teen accused of trying to rape a woman at a party was pictured crying like a baby after his arrest. Anthony J. Zingale, 19, of Plymouth, is accused of getting drunk May 28, 2016, dropping his pants and walking into a bathroom where the victim was using. He then threatened to cut the woman […]

Serial Burglar Caught by Baby Monitor in Florida

Mark Lodigensky mugshot

A serial burglar who impressed police with his techniques in the 1980s was caught again by a simple baby monitor. Mark Lodigensky was caught for a burglary in Sunny Isles after the homeowner set up a baby monitor as a security system while she was away from home. The woman said her house had been hit […]

No Shame: Florida Shoplifter Says Everybody Commits a Crime

Edquenesha Bass mugshot

A Florida shoplifter who dashed from a store with her friend and her friend’s baby had no shame after her arrest. Edquenesha Bass was confronted outside jail by a TV reporter, but the young woman was not participating in the interview: “Why are you all in my business? That’s what I want to know. Everybody […]

Alabama Father Gets His 9-Month-Old Drunk

Price Allen Jr. mugshot

An Alabama father was arrested after getting his 9-month-old baby drunk on alcohol, authorities said. Price Allen Jr., 32, was charged June 8, 2015 with child abuse in the incident. According to police, the child was admitted to a Montgomery hospital in May suffering the effects of a blood alcohol content of .236. An investigation led […]

Minnesota Burglar Gets K-9 Bite After Refusing to Come Out of Hiding

Kennie Littleton Jr. mugshot

A Minnesota man caught breaking into a woman’s house refused to come out from his hiding place in the victim’s vehicle until a police K-9 took a bite out of him. Kennie Ray Littleton Jr., 31, of St. Paul, was caught in a woman’s home when an iPhone app alerted the woman of an intruder. […]

S.C. Shoplifter Shoves Baby at Worker to Evade Arrest

Linda Ganson Thompson mugshot

A South Carolina woman is accused of shoving her child and baby stroller at a Belk employee in Rock Hill to prevent her arrest for shoplifting. Linda Ganson Thompson, 46, of Lancaster, was approached by an employee at Belk on Dec. 4 for swiping jewelry and other merchandise and hiding them in a Belk bag […]

Florida: Pickup Truck, Wrench & Baby Stroller All Used as Weapons

Jamaal Tarshae Johnson

LAKELAND, FLA. (January 31, 2014) – And let’s not forget about the broom handle and a revolver thrown in the mix. Jamaal Tarshae Johnson, 21, of Lakeland, Florida, just couldn’t decide which weapon he wanted to use to finish off a boyhood friend earlier this month. It seems that Johnson went over to his friend’s […]

Nervous Florida Dad-To-Be Packs E-Cig With Pot

David Bastin

JUPITER, FLA. (February 4, 2014) –David Bastin was evidently feeling a little nervous earlier this month as his pregnant girlfriend was getting ready to deliver their baby. But he made the mistake of trying to relax by smoking a little marijuana in the delivery room. Bastin, 28, of Jupiter, Florida, was at the Martin Memorial […]