Florida Shoplifter to Cops: Everyone Steals From This Store!

Prolancia Turner mugshot

A Florida shoplifter’s defense might have been the craziest explanation one cop had ever heard. Prolancia Turner was crying and angry May 13, 2016 after being busted for stealing $12 earrings from the Claire’s outlet at a Vero Beach Mall. “Everyone steals from this store,” she reportedly yelled at the cop. “Why are you picking on […]

Florida Man Tries to Buy BMW with Food Stamps

Nicholas Jackson

A Florida man got declined when he tried to buy a BMW with a credit card and his food stamp money. But Nicholas Jackson was so determined that he returned to the dealership after closing and stole the $60,000 vehicle, authorities said. Authorities say the 36-year-old suspect showed up at the Pompano Beach dealership with […]

Florida Brother & Sister Steal Hundreds from Girl Scout

Delbrugge Winters

Florida siblings were busted for stealing cash from a Girl Scout who was selling cookies outside a Walmart store. Nicholas Delbrugge, 20, and sister Ashley Winters, 25, were arrested March 2, 2016 by police who were armed with video of the heartless theft. The 12-year-old girl who was selling cookies told New Smyrna Beach police that […]

Florida Shoplifter Leaves Behind Cell Phone & Pee

Brooke Sutton mugshot

  A heavy-duty shoplifter made off with thousands in merchandise from outlet stores but left behind her cell phone and a puddle of urine, according to Florida authorities. It was just enough evidence to track her down. Brooke Amber Sutton, 27, was arrested Jan. 29, 2016 and charged with felony retail theft. Cops recovered $2,100 in […]

Florida Man Shoots Dogs For Annoying Him

Kyle Santos mugshot

Pet lovers across Florida are yapping mad at a dog killer who became annoyed with his girlfriend’s father’s Chihuahuas and shot them. Kyle Santos, 19, of Palm Springs, became impatient with the behavior of two Chihuahuas, so he dug a ditch and threw the dogs in before shooting them, authorities said. One dog died immediately […]

Florida Mom Arrested for Encouraging Daughter to Fight Girl

Tanzania Brazel mugshot

  A Florida mom blocked a school bus from leaving a bus stop and then encouraged her 9-year-old daughter to fight a classmate, authorities said, Tanzania Brazel, of Daytona Beach, was arrested Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015 on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child abuse. Police say Brazel’s daughter ran home from […]

Burglar Caught Passed Out on Couch Surrounded by Empty Beer Bottles & Chicken Bones

Jacob Miller mugshot

A Florida man was arrested after being caught when the family came home to find him passed out on the couch surrounded by a feast. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reports that Jacob Miller, 22, was found asleep in a Lake Worth Home in South Florida by the homeowners as they returned from a […]

Florida Woman Strips Naked in Dunkin’ Donuts on a Dare

Shakara Martin mugshot

A Florida woman stripped naked and sat outside a Dunkin’ Donuts based on a dare, authorities said. Shakara Martin, 32, was arrested March 1, 2015 in Greenacres near West Palm Beach after getting naked. She told police the nudity was a requirement of her pledging a dance troop. Donut customers offered clothes to the woman several […]

Florida Dummy Caught with Smartphone After Taking Selfie

Bryce Dolph

ORMOND BEACH, FLA. (Aug. 19, 2014 incident) – A Florida man who swiped a phone from a restaurant hostess was later caught when his girlfriend took a selfie of them with the stolen smartphone. The photo showing suspect Bryce Dolph was automatically uploaded from the smartphone to the victim’s computer, and Ormond Beach police used the […]

‘Officer, That’s Not Litter. It’s Just My Weed!’

Richard Lynn Roebuck

FORT WALTON BEACH, FL (Early April 2014) — A Fort Walton Beach man was arrested early in April after trying to squirm out of a littering charge by revealing the litter was pot. Richard Lynn Roebuck, 32, found himself confronted by an Okaloosa County deputy early in April after the officer allegedly saw him drop […]