W.V. Woman Beats Son Over Wrong Burrito Order

A West Virginia mom took her lunch cravings so seriously that she beat her son when he got her Taco Bell order wrong. Loretta Armstrong, 48, of Milton, was charged with felony child abuse for allegedly hitting her son in the face. She started assaulting him after realizing he got the toppings wrong. Even worse, […]

Handcuffed Seattle Man Steals Police Cruiser

King County deputies say a man they were arresting managed to steal a cop car and elude capture all morning- all while handcuffed. Teddy Bell, 26, was approached by a deputy around 8:30 a.m. on July 25, 2015 after a call came in about a suspicious person. It was found that Bell had several warrants out […]

Wisconsin Drunk Driver Caught After 2 Trips Through Taco Bell

A Wisconsin woman brought attention to her erratic driving after her second trip through the Taco Bell drive-thru, authorities said. Sara Hemming, 37, of Milton, was arrested for drunk driving while waiting in line at the fast-food restaurant in Janesville. A Taco Bell worker called police when she suspected the woman was intoxicated while making […]

Texas Man Arrested for 9th DUI & He Wears Memorable Shirt

A Texas man chose an interesting shirt when he was arrested for his 9th DUI. Luciano Gutierrez, 66, of Temple, was being arraigned for a felony after getting his 9th DUI. He was actually stopped for the DUI in November, but the new arrest came after a review by the District Attorney. The DA determined […]

Homeowner Shoots Christmas Burglar in Califonia

A California homeowner shot a Christmas-morning Grinch who broke into his home to burglarize the place, authorities said. Homeowner Nathaniel Blair of Anaheim Hills had just exchanged gifts with his wife and had gone out to move his truck when he encountered a man in a ski mask inside his home. The intruder, identified as […]