Two California Women Take the Bait & Get Hooked by Police

Devon Mendendez and Unique Rios mugshots

California authorities used a law enforcement trick to help bring down two serious criminals: a GPS-equipped decoy package. The “bait package” was swiped from a location in southeast Arcadia near Los Angeles, taken by suspects Devon Mendendez, 21, and Unique Rios, 19, and the women were later stopped in a stolen car. Just before the […]

California Teen Takes Bike Planted by Police

Rebecca Stinson mugshot

California cops arrested a Sacramento teen Thursday (Jan. 28, 2016) after she jumped on a bait bike they had planted to catch a thief. Rebecca Stinson, 19, got an alert just after dark when the teen jumped on the bike in midtown Sacramento. They arrived and caught Stinson with the bike and arrested her on […]

California Robber Takes ‘Snapchat Selfie’ with Victim & Helps Police

Victor Almanza-Martinez mugshot

An idiot robber in California took a selfie with one of his victims, a photo that helped police catch him. That’s how narcissistic 19-year-old Victor Almanza-Martinez was, authorities say. The teen was one of three suspects who allegedly robbed four victims at gunpoint on Dec. 30, 2016 in Pacific Grove. The street gang approached the victims […]

California Burglar Leaves Cell Phone at Crime Scene

Daniel Hopper mugshot

A California burglar was arrested after he left his cell phone at the scene of an attempted burglary, authorities said. Officers in Hanford were dispatched to a residential burglary at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015. The homeowner told police that he returned and found a burglar inside their home. Hopper reportedly dropped a bag […]

California Man Robs Girls’ Lemonade Stand

Santini Tate mugshot

  A California man destroyed two little girls’ lemonade stand and stole their money box. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department says that on July 15, 2015 around 3:45 p.m., Santini Tate strolled up to a Rancho Cucamonga lemonade stand operated by a pair of 13-year-old girls and told them he wanted some lemonade but did not […]

California High School Student Busted for Changing Grades in Computer

Juan Ambriz mugshot

  A California high school senior was arrested May 13, 2015 for allegedly changing grades for 32 students using school computers.    Juan Ambriz, 18, is facing a felony charge in the grade-changing scandal at Dixon High School in Dixon.    The district superintendent said the student had been changing grades since January and cooperated with […]

Homeowner Shoots Christmas Burglar in Califonia

Jeremy William Bell

A California homeowner shot a Christmas-morning Grinch who broke into his home to burglarize the place, authorities said. Homeowner Nathaniel Blair of Anaheim Hills had just exchanged gifts with his wife and had gone out to move his truck when he encountered a man in a ski mask inside his home. The intruder, identified as […]

Lady Dressed as Santa Arrested on Black Friday for Walmart Protests

Michelle Pariset

A woman dressed as Santa was arrested on Black Friday for protesting Walmart wages outside a California Walmart. Michelle Pariset was among 300 demonstrators who marched outside a Sacramento store on that day in November 2014. Walmart reps says they offer competitive pay, averaging around $12 an hour. Here is Pariset’s story in her own […]

California Shoplifter Left Topless After Attempted Theft at Macy’s

Jeannie Hua

ARCADIA, Calif. (July 28, 2014 arrest) – A California woman became topless as she attempted to flee a Macy’s during an alleged shoplifting attempt. Jeannue Hua, 45, of Alhambra, Calif., allegedly concealed merchandise inside her purse in June and, when she tried to leave the store, a loss prevention officer tried to detain her, according […]