Delaware Music Teacher Sends Racy Sexts to 13-Year-old Student

A Delaware music teacher sent more than 11,000 sexual text messages to a 13-year-old student in one of her middle-school classes, authorities said. Nicole Veneroso got caught when the boy’s mother looked on the boy’s phone and saw the 32-year-old teacher in raunchy photos and videos sent to the boy. The mother turned them over […]

Idaho Woman Tries to Use Stun Gun on Officers

An Idaho woman pulled a stun gun on officers responding to a domestic argument. Meridian police were responding to a child endangerment and custodial abduction in February 2016 at a local Walgreen’s store. Authorities say 25-year-old Danielle Davis was meeting with her child and the child’s father, who has sole custody. The mother started dragging her 4-year-old […]

Kidnapper Caught at McDonalds Using ‘Find My iPhone’ App

  A Pennsylvania man who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend was caught at a McDonald’s restaurant after cops used a ‘Find My iPhone” app on her phone. Joseph Boller, 18, had met with his ex-girlfriend  in February 2016, in East Stroudsburg to discuss custody of a child when the argument turned violent, authorities say. Boller grabbed the […]

New Jersey Man Asks Computer Technician for Help Moving Child Porn

A New Jersey man was arrested for child pornography after he asked a Microsoft Store for help moving the files to a new computer. A computer technician viewed the “disturbing” child pornography on the man’s laptop and notified a store manager who turned the device over to police. Authorities say 25-year-old Jiemin Li instructed the […]

Retired Teacher Jailed on Child Molestation Charges, Takes Terrifying Mugshot

A retired California teacher was arrested on child molestation and pornography charges, but it’s his frightening mugshot that has people talking. David Bruce, 65, of Anaheim was arrested at his home after a criminal investigation revealed proof that he abused two former male students, who are now adults. Authorities say the abuse took place while the […]

Ex-Coach’s Mugshot Published in High School Yearbook in Indiana

High school students in Indiana caused controversy when they added a criminal mugshot of a former coach to the school’s 2015 yearbook.   The mugshot of ex-assistant swim coach Matthew Carrington was printed in the yearbook at North Central High School in Indianapolis. Carrington was fired in February 2015 after being arrested on child seduction charges. Authorities […]

S.C. Shoplifter Shoves Baby at Worker to Evade Arrest

A South Carolina woman is accused of shoving her child and baby stroller at a Belk employee in Rock Hill to prevent her arrest for shoplifting. Linda Ganson Thompson, 46, of Lancaster, was approached by an employee at Belk on Dec. 4 for swiping jewelry and other merchandise and hiding them in a Belk bag […]

Wisconsin Woman Flushes Child’s Head in Toilet

A Wisconsin woman might have thought flushing a little girl’s head in a toilet was proper punishment. Police say it was a crime. Evelyn D. Seitz, 45, of Mondovi, Wisc., was finally charged in December, 2014 with causing mental harm to a child following the Oct. 30th incident. Buffalo County authorities say the incident took place […]

Child Porn Suspect Fakes His Own Death in Florida

A child porn suspect faked his own death in an effort to avoid prosecution, according to Florida authorities. John Charles Price, 49, of St. Johns County, was found and arrested last Wednesday (Dec. 3) by the U.S. Marshals Service’s Fugitive Task Force after he was found at a State Road 40 store. Price was released […]

Pennsylvania Mom Gives Toddler Sippy Cup with Vodka

ERIE, Pa. (June 18, 2014) A Pennsylvania mother was arrested June 18 for allegedly giving her 13-month-old daughter a sippy cup filled with vodka, authorities said. Jessica Bachmaier, 26, showed up at a hospital in May with her drunk toddler, and the child was hospitalized with a blood-alcohol content of 0.289 percent. That’s more than […]