Oklahoma Burglar Caught After Asking Cops for Help

He was a burglar in a bind – and that’s how he got caught. Devante Clark, 21, of Oklahoma City, had trouble with his car on Wednesday Aug. 26, 2015 and asked passing officers for help. When officers glanced inside the car of the stranded motorist, they spotted all kinds of stolen goods. One of the […]

Ex-Coach’s Mugshot Published in High School Yearbook in Indiana

High school students in Indiana caused controversy when they added a criminal mugshot of a former coach to the school’s 2015 yearbook.   The mugshot of ex-assistant swim coach Matthew Carrington was printed in the yearbook at North Central High School in Indianapolis. Carrington was fired in February 2015 after being arrested on child seduction charges. Authorities […]

High School Football Coach Sends Porn to Players in Colorado

A Colorado high school football coach was arrested on March 13, 2015 for sending pornography to the students who played for his team. Louis Rau, 46, thought it was a good idea to send his players sexually-explicit, nude photos over the last four years, according to the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department. Even worse: He also sent sex […]

Volunteer Cheer Coach Accused of Sexting with Minor

Give me a J! Give me an A! Give me an I! Give me an L! Volunteer Cheer Coach Robert Parks was spelling JAIL after allegedly sexting a 14-year-old girl in Oregon. Salem authorities say the 25-year-old was arrested in December, 2014 on accusations he sent nude photos of himself to a 14-year-old girl. Parks, a volunteer […]