Colorado Cops Find 16 Pounds of Meth After Suspect Calls 911

Police in Fort Morgan, Colo., say they found 16 pounds of methamphetamine in a car after one of the accused called 911. According to media reports, Jonathan Potzler, 28, called 911 on July 11, 2015 saying he was in a local Walmart parking lot and a woman he did not know was refusing to get out […]

Mother Brings Kids Along on Colorado Burglary

A 35-year-old Colorado woman was arrested early in June, 2015 after bringing her kids along as she attempted to burglarize a home. Melanie Romero was caught in the home of a retired police officer- Kim Steffen-Brauch, who said she was napping at the time when she “felt this presence,” said media reports. She drew her gun […]

High School Football Coach Sends Porn to Players in Colorado

A Colorado high school football coach was arrested on March 13, 2015 for sending pornography to the students who played for his team. Louis Rau, 46, thought it was a good idea to send his players sexually-explicit, nude photos over the last four years, according to the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department. Even worse: He also sent sex […]

Suspect Falls 17 Stories Down Denver Trash Chute

DENVER, CO. (Mid February 2014) —  A fugitive Denver man was captured last week after he fell 17 stories down a trash chute while running from police. Donnie Griffin escaped last year from Texas where he was in federal custody on bank fraud charges. U.S. Marshals tracked him down to an apartment in Denver last […]