Flight Attendant Steals 1,500 Mini-Bottles to Sell on Craigslist

A Delta Airlines flight attendant was indicted on charges that she stole hundreds of mini-bottles and sold them on Craigslist. Rachel Trevor, 28, of Memphis, Tenn., started off by stealing 50 mini-bottles, but eventually she smuggled nearly 1,500 bottles using a carry-on bag. She set up shop on Craigslist, selling the bottles for a dollar […]

N.C. Man Caught Renting Property He Doesn’t Own

A North Carolina man was busted in May 2016  for renting property that he didn’t own. Dennis Hurt posted an advertisement on Craigslist for a random property in Winston-Salem and got a call from a woman who was interested. Hurt then asked for a $1,500 down payment in money orders. The woman and her family […]

Texas Man Tries to Sell Someone Else’s Car on Craigslist

TEMPLE, TEXAS (Aug. 13, 2014 arrest) — A Texas man has been charged in a new Craigslist scheme where he simply advertised someone else’s car for sale and tried to collect a down payment from unsuspecting victims. Arthur Goolsby, 27, was arrested Aug. 13 for the Internet sales scam in Temple, Texas, and he is wanted […]