Texas Bank Robber Identified by Her Big Lips

An Austin bank robber was identified by her big lips and common use of wigs, according to Texas authorities. Michelle Jean Crawford, 45, is accused of robbing the Wells Fargo bank on Monday, May 2, 2016. She dressed in a black sweater, black skirt, plastic gloves, brown wig, large sunglasses and large black purse. The […]

Connecticut Shoplifter Caught After Hiding in Pre-School Dumpster

A Connecticut shoplifter was caught by police after hiding in a pre-school dumpster, authorities said. Heisze Chan, 36, of Stamford, was arrested after fleeing from CVS store in Greenwich on April 14, 2015. She tried to hide in a dumpster at Gateway Preschool and was subsequently found in a pile of trash. Officers went to […]

Lady Purse Snatcher Paints Face with Camouflage Colors in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin woman painted her face in camouflage in a bizarre effort to disguise herself as she snatched purses from old women, authorities said. Deja Montgomery, 19, of Madison, was arrested after grabbing the purse of a 73-year-old woman coming out of a CVS pharmacy. The teen was tentatively charged with two counts of theft. […]