Maine Woman with ‘Stop Domestic Violence’ Shirt Arrested for CDV

A Maine woman who was wearing a ‘Stop Domestic Violence” T-shirt was arrested recently for criminal domestic violence. Emily Wilson, 38, of Sangerville, was accused of threatening her husband with a gun and shooting it in their bedroom during an argument. Prosecutors say Wilson was angry with her husband about an alleged affair. That’s why she […]

Idaho Woman Tries to Use Stun Gun on Officers

An Idaho woman pulled a stun gun on officers responding to a domestic argument. Meridian police were responding to a child endangerment and custodial abduction in February 2016 at a local Walgreen’s store. Authorities say 25-year-old Danielle Davis was meeting with her child and the child’s father, who has sole custody. The mother started dragging her 4-year-old […]

Indiana Grandma Covers for Grandson During Domestic Assault

An elderly woman in Indiana will join her grandson in jail after covering for him as he committed a crime, authorities said. Nancy Nicewander, 76, of Muncie, was the person who answered the door Jan. 30, 2016 when police were called to her home for a domestic disturbance.  She told officers that nothing was wrong. Later, […]

Controversy: Florida Cops Arrest 9-Year-Old Boy & Post His Mugshot

There’s a controversy in one Florida community after police arrested a 9-year-old boy last week for assaulting his sister and then posted his mugshot online. Lee County cops arrested Christian Cantele on Oct. 19, 2015 and then posted his mugshot on their website, which led to it being automatically published on a Facebook page titled Mugshots […]

Indiana Man Gets Stuck in Attic While Hiding from Cops

  An Indiana man tried to hide from cops in his attic and eventually needed their help after getting stuck. Steven Shuler, of Monrovia, was being sought on April 20, 2015 on charges of domestic battery and intimidation. His wife told authorities he wasn’t there and the cops left. Police returned the next day in efforts […]

Ohio Man Responds to Own Mugshot on Facebook

When a crazy mugshot of an Ohio suspect turned up on a police department’s Facebook page, the man took the opportunity to defend himself. Willie Tatum III stuck out his tongue during his November 2014 booking session and Columbus Police posted it on their social media page. They told Facebook fans that Tatum had been arrested […]