Tennessee Woman Claims Obama Legalized Counterfeiting

  Pamela Downs was arrested after allegedly trying to pass counterfeit money and had a reasonable explanation: President Obama legalized it. Downs, 45, was arrested on July 12, 2015 after trying to pay for groceries at a Kingsport, Tennessee, store with a funny-looking $5 bill. Officers said the currency appeared to have been printed on a […]

Montana Woman Slashes Husband’s Face for Peeing on the Floor

BILLINGS, Mont. (June 23, 2014 arrest) A Montana woman had her limits. Shery Lynn Downs was getting angrier and angrier with her husband last week. And when he urinated on the bathroom floor, she lost it. According to authorities, the 52-year-old Billings woman reacted by slashing her husband’s face. She’s been charged with felony assault. […]