Chicago Woman Flips Bird in DUI Mugshot

A suburban Chicago woman flipped the bird in her booking photo for a DUI arrest  in June 2016. DUI suspect Hazel Rojas was pulled over in a 2003 Land Rover after a Riverside cop saw her continue to sit at a green light at 3:27 a.m. Friday (June 17, 2016). Rojas smelled of alcohol but […]

Florida Man Calls 911 When Girlfriend Won’t Buy Booze

A Florida man called 911 to complain that his girlfriend wouldn’t buy him vodka. Jack Means, 57, eventually confessed to the non-emergency prank, which started with him telling dispatchers that his neighbors were arguing. Apparently, he hoped to get police to his house so they could hear how his girlfriend was not getting him alcohol. […]

‘This Guy’ Needs an Attorney After Crashing Into Police HQ

The mugshot of a New Hampshire man went viral when he was arrested for drunk driving while wearing a T-shirt that said “This Guy Needs a Beer.” If that bad decision wasn’t enough, Joshua Tackett crashed in front of Kensington police headquarters on April 22, 2016, authorities said. He was allegedly driving when he swerved […]

New Mexico College Kid Passes Out in Stranger’s House

Talk about drunk! A college student was so wasted last month that he wandered into the wrong house in New Mexico. Then he passed out in front of the bed occupied by a sleeping 7-year-old girl, according to Sante Fe officials.. Garrett Curran, 22, was still unconscious when the girl woke up March 26, 2016 and […]

Florida Man Marks 34th Arrest with High-Speed Chase

A Florida man was arrested for the 34th time following a high-speed chase in Palm City. At age 39, suspect Sam Luciano has almost as many arrests as years on Earth! His latest came Feb. 21, 2016 when cops were looking for a stolen car and spotted the man driving 110 miles per hour. Martin County […]

Texas Deputy Charged with DUI – While on Duty!

A Texas deputy was arrested Friday (Jan. 29, 2016) by his own department for driving drunk – while he was on duty! Bastrop County Deputy Fred Ensinger’s problems began when he was heard slurring his words while talking to dispatchers. They called the deputy’s supervisors and said they were not making sense. So a sergeant […]

Florida Man Punches Female Cop to Get Arrested

A drunk Florida man was granted his wish to go to jail after punching a female officer. In his defense, Daniel Dolan asked politely to be arrested on Thursday night (Jan. 7, 2016) in West Palm Beach. He handed the woman his wallet and asked to be taken to jail. The officer told him he couldn’t […]

Elvis Impersonator Arrested in Oklahoma Bar

An Elvis impersonator in Oklahoma experienced his own Jailhouse Rock after his arrest for a drunk disturbance at a bar. Bobby Eldredge was arrested Oct. 20, 2015 after complaints from an Oklahoma City bar. Police were called out to the Route 66 Roadhouse where the 61-year-old singer was drinking and fondling himself through his clothes. His […]

Indiana Boy Tattles on Drunk Mom During Traffic Stop

A 7-year-old boy ratted on his mom when she lied about drinking during a traffic stop last week.   Selma resident Audrey B. McColm was pulled over for erratic driving Monday, Sept. 14, 2015 and was asked by the cop if she had been drinking and driving. She denied it. “Yes, you have, Mom!” the 7-year-old boy […]

Texas College Student Drives Barbie Jeep After DUI Arrest

A college student in Texas reacted to her drunk-driving arrest by buying a Barbie Jeep and using it for transportation around campus. Photos of Texas State student Tara Monroe riding around in the children’s Jeep have taken social media by storm. It seems the 20-year-old woman lost her license after a DUI arrest that occurred […]